Elevate Your Relationship Management with Automated Activity Capture

Unlock the potential of intelligent relationship management with Aurinko’s pre-built CRM Sync Logic. Seamlessly capture email and calendar activities, automatically enrich CRM records, identify missing contacts, and foster valuable connections.

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Repfabric leverages the Aurinko email add-on platform to drive user adoption and reduce software development engineering costs

Aurinko’s competence with email systems and synchronization, set them apart from other companies.

— John Mitchell,

Founder @ Repfabric

Battle-Tested Syncs for Your Platform

Leverage Aurinko’s sync logic of emails, calendar events, contacts, and tasks to empower your business platform. Trusted by thousands of Salesforce CRM users, our battle-tested CRM sync logic can be swiftly adapted to seamlessly integrate with your CRM, ATS, PM, PRM system.

Enable Relationship Management Intelligence

Enable your platform to gain differentiating insights from users’ mailbox data.

Generate more revenue

Unlock hidden revenue potential by delivering essential mailbox data integrations, i.e. email, calendar, contacts, tasks.

Go to market faster

Have a full-featured sync logic that will push data into your platform after just adding a connector for your platform’s API.


Email Sync

  • Automatically scans user mailboxes to discover and keep track of ongoing conversations with clients.
  • Deduplicate the same emails found in multiple mailboxes.
  • Logs relevant emails to related CRM leads, contacts, opportunities and accounts.
  • Supports attachment logging.

Calendar Sync

  • Automatically migrate relevant calendar events between users’ mailbox and your platform.
  • Deduplicate meetings found in multiple users’ calendars.
  • Associate synced meetings to related CRM leads, contacts, opportunities and accounts.

Contacts Sync

  • Automatically sync users’ address book with your platform.
  • Detect appropriate accounts for new contacts.
  • Apply similarity analisys to auto-link contacts and prevent duplicates.
  • «The Aurinko’s sync logic API is very easy to work with. We were able to provide our users with powerful integrations in just a matter of days. It was then very straightforward to release the real-time sync capabilities to our customers.»
    — Boban Peric,CRM.me Lead Engineer RedLotus Corp
  • «With Aurinko API, my team saved more than a year of engineering work. We were able to get up and running quickly with robust calendar, email and contact features that allowed us to grow our product quickly and securely.»
    — John MitchellFounder @ Repfabric

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