Calendar API: Fast-track Your Product Vision with Effortless Calendar Integration

Elevate your application with our robust Calendar API, offering a seamless integration to connect with your users’ calendars. Unlock the potential to build highly customizable scheduling workflows within your application effortlessly.

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Calendar API that Takes You Further, Faster

Elevate your users’ experience and streamline their scheduling workflows. Seamlessly integrate popular calendar providers like Google, Microsoft, Apple to enable calendar syncing within your application.

Deliver robust calendar integrations

Sync calendars from major email providers into your application in real-time.

Go to market faster

Write once and quickly build integrations with major business calendar providers using a single Calendar API.

Elevate scheduling

Build automated scheduling workflows to help your users enhance productivity and time management.


Unified Calendar API

  • Connect with major calendar providers — Google, Microsoft, Apple - in a matter of minutes.
  • Seamlessly integrate scheduling functionality into your application without the headaches of managing multiple Calendar APIs.
  • Deliver a cohesive user experience across different calendar providers with one unified Calendar API.

Versatile Calendar API

  • Programmatically schedule events directly from your application, ensuring a consistent brand experience and personalized messaging.
  • Access and retrieve event content, including attendee information, recurrence patterns, colors, and more.
  • Implement real-time webhooks to receive immediate notifications of critical scheduling events, such as new events, changes, or cancellations.

Beyond Calendar API

  • Effortless Availability Checking: Ditch the scheduling ping-pong and instantly find compatible meeting times for everyone.
  • Intelligent Meeting Suggestions: Let the Calendar API find the perfect time slot, taking into account individual schedules, time zones, and preferences.
  • Booking Profiles: Design booking profiles that cater to specific use cases.
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