Transform Your Platform with Seamless Workspace Addons

Connect with leading workspace applications and collaboration tools, empowering your users with a unified, streamlined experience that boosts productivity and accelerates user adoption. Reshape the future of workspace interactions!


Repfabric leverages the Aurinko email add-on platform to drive user adoption and reduce software development engineering costs

Aurinko’s competence with email systems and synchronization, set them apart from other companies.

— John Mitchell,

Founder @ Repfabric

Unlock a New Era of Engagement

Experience the future of workspace integration with Outlook, Google Workspace add-ons, and Slack, Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Webex apps. Elevate your platform’s capabilities, reshape how users interact with workspace tools, and let productivity and engagement thrive together.

Seamless Integration

Break down the barriers between your platform and workspace applications like Outlook, Google Workspace, and collaboration platforms.

Enhanced User Experience

Deliver a frictionless experience that leaves users delighted. By integrating through the addons, you’re offering a workspace that feels interconnected and intuitive.

Accelerated Adoption

The integrated experience provided by the addons encourages users to explore and utilize your platform’s full potential. As adoption soars, so does user satisfaction and long-term loyalty.


Outlook and Gmail Add-ons

  • Transform Outlook and Gmail into dynamic platforms for enhanced productivity. Elevate your users’ experience by integrating through addons and fostering a seamless connection between their email clients and your platform.
  • Our team specializes in tailoring our pre-built addons to perfectly suit your needs, or assisting you in harnessing the full potential of Aurinko’s backend API to develop brand new, customized solutions.

Slack, MS Teams, Google Space apps / workbots

  • Bridge the gap between your platform and these leading collaboration tools to enable your users to access platform features, data, and updates directly within Slack, Microsoft Teams, and Google Workspace, ensuring a seamless and uninterrupted communication flow.
  • Our team is dedicated to tailoring our pre-built bots to fit your unique needs, or assisting you in harnessing the capabilities of Aurinko’s robust bot framework to create entirely new solutions.

Zoom, MS Teams, Webex In-Meeting apps

  • Empower your clients with tailored in-meeting apps for Zoom, Webex, and Microsoft Teams. Collaborate with us to create solutions that seamlessly integrate your platform into virtual meetings, transforming them into dynamic hubs of interaction and productivity.
  • Our team is committed to guiding you in harnessing the capabilities of Aurinko’s backend API to create novel in-meeting solutions for the collaboration tools.
  • «With Aurinko API, my team saved more than a year of engineering work. We were able to get up and running quickly with robust calendar, email and contact features that allowed us to grow our product quickly and securely.»
    — John Mitchell,Founder @ Repfabric
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