your CRM, ATS, PM, PRM
With automatic activity capture With calendar, contacts, tasks sync With Outlook and Gmail Add-Ons With MS Teams, Google WS, Slack apps With seamless email integration With scheduling capabilities

Maximize the value of your CRM, ATS, PM, PRM platform with [email,calendar,contacts,tasks] sync, Inbox add-ons, and other workspace integrations for increased adoption rates and enhanced productivity.

Integrate 10-100x faster

Aurinko offers out-of-the-box CRM and PM sync logic, and ready-to-integrate Gmail and Outlook addons, providing seamless integration and customizable white-labeling options.

Increase adoption of your CRM

Boost CRM adoption and data quality by integrating mailbox data and creating connected digital experience.

Generate more revenue

Unlock hidden revenue potential by delivering essential workspace integrations, email, calendar, messaging apps.

Shorten development time

Leverage Aurinko's pre-built CRM sync logic and add-ons to get from an idea to execution in days instead of months.

Save development resources

Cut your implementation to a fraction of the development time and save valuable development resources.

Repfabric leverages the Autinko email add-on platform to drive user adoption and reduce software development engineering costs

Aurinko's competence with email systems and synchronization, set them apart from other companies.

— John Mitchell

Founder @ Repfabric


Automate data entry
for your users

  • Capture email and calendar activities and add them to CRM records automatically
  • Sync calendar events, contacts, and tasks bi-directionally
  • Proven sync engine used by thousands of Salesforce CRM users.

Increase CRM adoption with Outlook, Gmail add-ons and MS Teams, Slack, Zoom apps

  • Let your users access all the information they need in the apps they live in.
  • Increase user productivity by avoiding having to switch between apps.
  • Accelerate user adoption by creating a connected digital experience across web and mobile.

Seamlessly integrate your users’ emails, calendars, contacts, and tasks

  • Write once, launch many mailbox integrations with Aurinko’s unified API.
  • Leverage Aurinko's advanced email and scheduling capabilities.
  • Focus on your core products and let us maintain the provider APIs.



Aurinko's CRM Sync Logic - Activity Capture


Aurinko powered Yoxel Salesforce Addons


Aurinko's CRM / PM Sync Logic - Calendar


Aurinko's CRM Sync Logic - Contacts

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