Power Up Your App with Scheduling Automation

Integrate powerful scheduling automation into your app and gain a competitive edge. Offer frictionless scheduling, reduce churn, and boost user satisfaction with our developer-friendly tools.

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Integrate scheduling for your users

Integrate Aurinko’s powerful scheduling automation and unlock a new level of development efficiency and product competitiveness. Free your development team from the burden of building and maintaining complex scheduling functionalities.

Reduce Development Time

Aurinko’s pre-built scheduling automation workflows and APIs integrate seamlessly, saving your development team valuable time and resources.

Boost Revenue Potential

Aurinko’s scheduling automation can help reduce churn and encourage repeat use, ultimately contributing to a potential increase in recurring revenue.

Go to market faster

Aurinko’s powerful automation ensures a seamless and efficient scheduling process for your users, giving you a significant edge in the market.


Booking Profiles

  • Create customizable booking profiles for one account or a group of users with multiple accounts.
  • Publicly share availability through a link generated for a profile
  • Empower users to schedule appointments directly through your app.

Availability API

  • Present one calendar or multiple user availability according to specified booking profiles.
  • Search for availability across multiple users and their calendar providers with just a few lines of code.
  • Coordinate schedules for one user or within a group of participants effortlessly.

Calendar page

  • Integrate Aurinko’s calendar page into your app or host it standalone.
  • Provide your users with a clear and intuitive calendar interface for managing appointments and schedules.
  • Handle availability links shared by email to scheduling corresponding to the booking profiles.

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