CRM API: Tailored CRM Integrations Simplified

At Auriko, we redefine CRM integration. Say goodbye to complexities and hello to unified data effortlessly. Our innovative virtualized data modeling simplifies integration, empowering developers to create a cohesive CRM experience without the usual hurdles.

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CRM API That Models Data Your Way

Auriko’s Virtualized Data Modeling is tailored for apps like yours, redefining how CRM integrations work. Craft a virtual data layer that perfectly aligns with your app’s needs. Our approach ensures seamless data unification, enabling effortless scalability and error reduction.

Tailored yet Unified

The Aurinko CRM API allows for the creation of a custom virtual data layer, perfectly aligned with the app’s specific needs for CRM integration.

Effortless Scalability

The approach ensures seamless data unification, enabling the app to scale without complexity, minimizing errors that commonly occur during expansion.

Quicker Development

With developer-defined data models, the CRM API integration becomes more efficient as developers customize and integrate using a singular, well-documented interface.


Streamlined CRM Connectivity

  • Aurinko seamlessly connects with top CRMs like Salesforce, HubSpot, SugarCRM, Pipedrive, ActiveCampaign, NetSuite, and more.
  • Seamlessly integrate CRM functionality into your application without the headaches of managing multiple CRM APIs.
  • Deliver a cohesive user experience across different CRM providers.

Virtualized Data Model

  • Unify and virtualize the data model of CRM objects, defining specific virtual objects necessary for your integrations.
  • Capture essential metadata in mappings, enabling custom behaviors for the CRM API consumers.
  • Offering a hybrid solution that aims to strike a balance between comprehensive access and tailored specificity.

Unified CRM Metadata

  • Unified representation of comprehensive provider metadata to support applications that prioritize dynamic user interface (UI) functionalities.
  • Retrieve details of all standard and custom objects, fields, and their respective types using the Metadata endpoints of the CRM API.
  • Streamlining in-app UI-focused development!
  • «Aurinko's expertise and reliable partnership have been instrumental in developing our CRM Sync solution, empowering seamless integration with various popular CRM systems.»
    — John Mitchell,Founder @ Repfabric
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