Enrich your platform with contacts data

Seamlessly access and leverage comprehensive address book data, including contact names, emails, addresses, and more. Unlock valuable insights, enhance user experiences, and empower your platform with the power of Contacts API.

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Sync Contacts for a Holistic View

Hydrate your platform with valuable contact data directly from users' inboxes. Seamlessly connect to major address book providers such as Google, Office 365, hosted Exchange to sync contact information effortlessly and gain a holistic view of your users' contacts.

Deliver robust contacts integrations

Sync contacts from major address book providers into your application in real-time.

Go to market faster

Write once and quickly build integrations with major address book providers using a single Contacts API.

Facilitate communications

Retrieve names, emails, phones and enable efficient and effective interactions with individuals and groups.


Unified Contacts API

  • Integrate with major address book providers like Google, Office 365, hosted MS Exchange in minutes.
  • One authentication flow. One data model. One set of API endpoints.
  • Provide a consistent user experience across different address book providers.

Create, update, sync

  • Create, update, and retrieve contact content including photos, labels, categories, and extended properties.
  • Sync/delta methods to retrieve contact changes incrementally.
  • Real-time notifications with webhooks.

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