Seamlessly Integrate Email, Calendar, Contacts, Tasks for streamlined business success

Power your relationship management with Aurinko’s Unified Mailbox API. Integrate email, calendar, contacts, and tasks data to unlock intelligent insights, streamline communication, and drive business success.

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Email API

Streamline your email capabilities with Aurinko Email API. Ensure high deliverability, bi-directional email functionality, and an integrated solution all in one package for a seamless email communication experience.

Calendar API

Elevate your application with Aurinko Calendar API, offering a seamless integration to connect with your users’ calendars and build highly customizable scheduling workflows.

Contacts API

Seamlessly access and leverage comprehensive address book data, to unlock valuable insights, enhance user experiences, and empower your platform.

Tasks API

Integrate tasks seamlessly with Gmail and Outlook to empower users, optimize workflows, and drive collaboration with automated notifications and reminders.

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