The Yoxel Outlook and Gmail add-ins for Salesforce are powerful tools that simplify the process of managing Salesforce data directly from the user’s inbox. The Yoxel team leveraged the Aurinko platform to revamp the add-ins and enhance their functionality with features like sharing availability by email for scheduling appointments, a follow-up robot, email templates, and open tracking.


Here are some of the key features of the revamped Yoxel Outlook and Gmail add-ins for Salesforce:

  1. Sharing availability by email: One of the most powerful features of the Yoxel add-ins is the ability to share availability by email. This allows users to easily schedule appointments with customers and colleagues by sharing their availability directly from their inbox. The feature streamlines the scheduling process and eliminates the need for back-and-forth emails to find a mutually convenient time.

  2. Follow-up robot: The follow-up robot is another powerful feature of the Yoxel add-ins. It allows users to set define automatic follow-up (drip) sequences and activate them per email-thread. The bot increases the rate of response significantly and simplifies the follow-up process for users.

  3. Email templates: The Yoxel add-ins now feature customizable email templates, which can be used to quickly compose and send common types of emails. The feature saves time and eliminates the need to type out the same message repeatedly.

  4. Open tracking: The open tracking feature allows users to track when an email has been opened by the recipient. This is especially useful for sales representatives who need to know when their customers are engaging with their emails.

  5. Email and event logging: The Yoxel add-ins has real-time access to user’s inbox and Salesforce data. This means that users can quickly log emails, calendar events, create/update customer records, create new leads, and access customer information without leaving their email client.

Backend API

Much streamlining in the revamped addin came from using Aurinko as a backend for the addons. I wrote about this earlier: Backendless Outlook addins. InboxSDK based Gmail plugins (Chrome extensions) can be built in a very similar manner. You automatically get user management in your Aurinko portal for your app:

  • Read more about openid and idToken based user management here.

CRM metadata

Building UIs to show CRM data would be quite a challenge without understanding CRM metadata. But Aurinko has a number of CRM connectors and understands the CRM metadata. Moreover, it can present the metadata from different CRMs in a unified format. Check out this earlier post Unified Metadata API


In conclusion, the Yoxel Outlook and Gmail add-ins for Salesforce are a great example of how the Aurinko platform can be used to revamp and enhance existing software solutions. The Yoxel team leveraged the platform’s unique capabilities to create powerful tools that help sales representatives save time and streamline their workflows. With features like sharing availability by email, the follow-up robot, email templates, and open tracking, the Yoxel add-ins provide a comprehensive solution for managing customer data directly from the inbox.