From Calendly, ScheduleOnce, HubSpot to Timekit, and Nylas, many platforms offer meeting scheduling solutions. Some for personal use, some for business needs, some as pre-built solutions for developers. This software category is quite popular as it saves considerable time for businesses and individuals alike. The solution providers often talk about whether you build these capabilities in-house or buy from a trusted provider. See this Cronofy article for example. All good points.

But with more than one provider of these solutions, you want to compare them and choose what meets your requirements better. Maybe API is all you need to buy.

Calendar/Booking API

  • Does the API support working with multiple booking/availability profiles?
  • Can I build my own UI using this API?
  • Sometimes, the API is just for customizing the provider’s widget.

Pre-built JS/Html calendar/booking widget

  • Is it customizable to our specs?
  • Or do we want a very different look and feel?
  • Do we need some customization support from the provider?

Aurinko Booking API

We help our partners build Gmail/Outlook add-ins, so our Booking API was designed to support a specific model used in our add-ins, see this earlier post. Perhaps your requirements are similar:

  1. Multiple booking/availability profiles (see api refs) .
  2. Bookings happen per profile (create meeting).

As for the calendar/booking page, it is hosted by us (example), and we work with our customers on customizing it.

By the way, events on your calendar do not exist in a vacuum; they are usually related to your contacts or email communications. Aurinko provides Contacts API, Email API too.