Streamline Your Product and Revenue Operations with Pebbles

Project management based on Slack threads, Inbox integration, and Workflow signals help product and revenue teams to focus on what matters and drive better business outcomes.

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Never lose the thread of conversation again

Pebbles helps you streamline your product and revenue operations in Slack by providing project management capabilities using Slack threads, integrating email conversations, and integrating popular CRM's like Salesforce, SugarCRM, and Hubspot.

Project management with Slack threads

Pebbles helps your team track and prioritize Slack threads so you can focus on what matters.
  • Sort threads by channel, priority, and recent activity to see more than "All Threads" view offers.
  • Prioritize each thread, or snooze them, and opt to share priorities with your team.
  • Sort threads according to a manager’s priority, to understand business priorities.

Inbox integration

Constantly toggling back and forth between Slack and your inbox? Pull your inbox into a private channel and share relevant emails with your team.
  • Pull your email into a private channel to bridge internal and external conversations.
  • Start a new thread for each email snippet you share with your team for easy tracking.

CRM and workflow integrations

Integrate seamlessly with popular CRM systems like Salesforce, SugarCRM, and HubSpot.
  • Workflow signals from your CRM workflow automation tools, like Salesforce Flow.
  • Real-time alerts, helping teams stay on top of important revenue-related activities.
  • CRM data entry right from Slack, ensuring data quality and minimizing window switching.

Simple signup

  • Simple installation from your Slack account. No account creation, passwords or logins.
  • One price for all, see our pricing page.
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    Support inside Slack

  • Need help? You can send a support request to the Pebbles team by typing your question in the Pebbles app channel.
  • If you need assistance getting Pebbles installed, you can reach us at:
  • Easy to install. Hard to imagine going without.

    Install Pebbles right now to supercharge Slack threads and work happier. Click the install button below (an admin user needs to do the initial install), then follow these steps:

    Install Pebbles. Please note that the initial install needs to be done by an admin.


    Invite @pebbles to channel(s) to track your internal threads.


    Use the /pebbles or /threads command to find and prioritize your active Slack threads.


    Share your priorities with your team using the /threads priority share command.


    Use /threads login command in a dedicated private channel to integrate your Inbox.