Smart inbox integrations for Salesforce

Increase user adoption and improve data accuracy for Salesforce. Yoxel syncs automatically and multi-directionally calendars, contacts, emails and tasks for Salesforce users.

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Inefficient processes, issues with reporting and communication challenges slowing you down?

Learn how thousands of companies increase the quality of customer data, improve reporting accuracy and have more relevant conversations by automating activity capture in Salesforce. Eliminate data silos across your Salesforce users with Yoxel’s inbox apps.

Smart Salesforce sync — automatic and bi-directional

Improve data accuracy with Yoxel’s bi-directional sync that automatically integrates calendar events, contacts, emails and tasks between Salesforce and Office 365, MS Exchange, and/or Google.
  • 100% native Salesforce app — manage your automatic sync configurations right from Salesforce.
  • Great for sales as well as service teams. Works for communities users.
  • Full de-duplication. Create new CRM records from emails and meetings.
  • Auto-match to CRM records. Auto convert leads to contacts when calendar invite is scheduled.
  • Simplify sync deployment to large teams using templates. Yoxel templates allows precise team setup.
  • Data always stays safe and secure in Salesforce. The sync is deployed in Heroku (Salesforce cloud solution).

Calendar sync

  • Integrate Salesforce and Office 365, MS Exchange, and/or Google calendar events.
  • See calendar events in Salesforce based on attendee list.
  • Yoxel’s advanced bi-directional calendar syncing supports «true» recurring event and meeting syncing.
  • Meetings can get associated with the right CRM records (leads, contacts, opportunities) automatically.
  • The sync allows users to update series in Outlook and Salesforce.
  • Yoxel detects and de-duplicates calendar events for you. Nothing gets deleted — ever. No clutter, no confusion!

Email sync

  • Yoxel automatically logs Office 365, MS Exchange, and Gmail emails to related Salesforce leads, contacts, opportunities and accounts. No need to drag emails to folders or flag them.
  • Yoxel automatically logs emails based on rules.
  • Yoxel automatically scans user mailboxes to discover and keep track of ongoing conversations with clients.
  • All logged emails are organized by their original email threads under the ‘Conversations’ tab in Salesforce.
  • Simple and easy email sync logic based on rules that you set.
  • Yoxel supports attachments and Bcc fields.

Contact sync

  • Yoxel’s contact sync can sync leads and/or contacts.
  • It runs similarity analysis in every sync cycle to prevent creation of duplicate records.
  • The sync is customizable and can sync additional email/phone/address fields, map to non-standard Salesforce fields, set default field values automatically and sync tags.

Task sync

  • Yoxel’s cloud-based Salesforce tasks solution that automatically syncs with Office 365, MS Exchange, and Google so you’re always up to the task.
  • Sync tasks bi-directionally across all devices.

Inbox assistant — Salesforce data at your fingertips

Instantly view Salesforce data right from your inbox. Yoxel inbox app surfaces relevant Salesforce data so you can craft the perfect response without opening Salesforce.
  • For every email you receive, see comprehensive activity history for leads, contacts, accounts, opportunities, cases — combined Salesforce, email, and calendar data in one view.
  • Quickly create Salesforce leads and contacts right from your inbox.
  • Simplify activity capture — easily log emails and attachments to Salesforce and associate them with the right opportunities, contacts and leads.
  • Automate follow-up process — prepare your follow-up sequences once and let Yoxel send follow-up emails for you. Quickly and easily schedule emails to send later. Yoxel monitors your email threads and sends follow-up emails automatically if no response.
  • Yoxel’s smart tagging will help you stay on top of every deal — discover missing CRM contacts that you’re actively communicating with, identify unfinished conversations with long periods of inactivity.

Instantly view relevant Salesforce data in your inbox

  • Yoxel inbox app surfaces relevant Salesforce data so you can craft the perfect response without opening Salesforce.
  • See in your inbox all Salesforce data that is needed for effective communication — contact snapshots; upcoming and recent activities; opportunities and cases.

Yoxel supports email to cases and custom objects

Does your team work on cases? Stay assured that emails will be logged to relevant cases with applicable custom objects.

Drip email campaigns — automatic rule based follow-ups

  • Schedule emails to send later and automate your follow up process.
  • Never forget a follow up with drip campaigns with our robust response detection.
  • Create more time in your day by automatically triggering personalized emails to nurture every important relationship.
  • Personalize your emails to start real conversations.

Work through list views

Take advantage of the list views you have set up in Salesforce for leads, contacts, opportunities, and accounts.

What you get?

Exceptionally easy-to-use

When you need an easy-to-use Salesforce integration, turn to Yoxel. Yoxel can be used after 3 easy sign up steps. No training is needed!

Customize by team and role

Deploy the sync to multiple teams with different requirements (sync modules, sync rule options, mailbox servers, ...) in the same Org.

Fully automatic sync

Set automatic sync frequency that meets your needs — hourly, every 30 min, every 10 min.

Won’t duplicate records

Yoxel detects and de-duplicates duplicate data for you. Nothing gets deleted — ever. No clutter, no confusion!

Multi-directional reach

Our cloud-based Salesforce integration solution is multi-directional. You enter info in one platform and we sync it across others automatically.

Rule-based precision

You’re the boss! You can set rules to sync emails, tasks, events and contacts based on set of rules bi-directionally or in one direction.

Frictionless security

Protecting your data is a top priority. The Yoxel app is deployed in Heroku cloud (Salesforce cloud solution). Your data never leaves Salesforce environment.

99.9% reliability

Yoxel is available 100% of the time through our 99.9% uptime guarantee, whether you are in a meeting room or on the go.

Exceptional support

Need help or have questions? Yoxel’s support team is here to assist and give you answers at any time, literally.